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Basic strategy

Includes coins of projects that have a significant impact on the crypto market in terms of capitalization and technology. Coins are hand-selected using fundamental and technical analysis.
Risk: medium
Liquidity: exellent
Current portfolio:

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BTC 45%

ETH 10%

XRP 5%

XLM 5%

LTC 5%

ADA 5%

XMR 5%



NEO 5%

BNB 5%

3-phase strategy

It is based on the analysis of price movement and capitalization of the entire crypto market. It has three phases, depending on which changes the composition of the portfolio: BTC market, USD market and altcoins market.
Risk: medium
Liquidity: exellent
Current phase: 1 (BTC market)

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BTC 99%

BNB 1%

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