Cryptocurrency Bundles

Choose a suitable portfolio/bundle and copy its structure to your exchange account with one command.

How do I copy this portfolios?

Top10 bundle

Includes leading currencies in terms of capitalization and liquidity, traded on large stock exchanges and with no security concerns. In a growing market, the portfolio is usually more profitable than Bitcoin.
Risk: medium
Liquidity: exellent

Current portfolio:

BTC 30%

ETH 10%

XRP 10%


LTC 10%

XLM 10%


BNB 5%

XMR 5%

TRX 5%


3-phase strategy

It is based on the analysis of price movement and capitalization of the entire crypto market. It has three phases, depending on which changes the composition of the portfolio: BTC market, USD market and altcoins market.
Risk: medium
Liquidity: exellent
Current phase: USD market

Current portfolio:

USDC 99%

BNB 1%


Speculative portfolio

Includes cryptocurrencies and tokens with growth potential determined on the basis of fundamental and technical analysis. The portfolio is updated several times a month.
Risk: high
Liquidity: exellent

Current portfolio:

BTC 30%

XLM 20%

LINK 20%

BNB 10%

XMR 10%

TRX 10%

How to apply bundles?

1. Go to Botsman.Trader

2. Open the "Advisor" section

3. Choose a portfolio

4. Apply its structure to your portfolio on Binance.

Bot will send market orders to the exchange, the execution of which will make the selected portfolio structure.


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