Quick Answers to Common Questions

Why is Botsman required, if there is a stock exchange?

  • Connecting to the exchange each time when you need to quickly buy/sell a coin is not always convenient.
  • The exchange interface is rather complicated. It is convenient for professional traders who commit a large transactions number daily. The exchange interface is redundant in case if you trade for a medium term or you are a portfolio investor.
  • You need to calculate the necessary coins amount to achieve the desired proportion in the portfolio. Botsman does this instead of you.
  • You can immediately apply the signals without leaving the app while getting them via Telegram.
  • Botsman will automatically create the necessary orders if the portfolio reformation requires the several transactions execution. It will also try to minimize the transactions fees.

What exchanges are available?

​Other popular exchanges are going to become connected soon while today Botsman works with Binance.com.

What commands are available for bot?

The following commands are available:
  • Create a new portfolio – send the coins list and their % in the total volume to the bot. The bot will send orders to the exchange, which execution will give the portfolio you need.
  • Buy one coin – send the command + <coin>% and the bot will buy the coin required.
  • Sell one coin – send the command - <coin>% and the bot will sell the coin required. The bot will sell the entire amount if you do not specify the percentage.
All commands description with the examples is available at home, in the Features section.

What you need to start working with the bot? 

  1. Sign up on Binance.com exchange;
  2. Create an API key in your personal exchange account which will be required for the 4th step;
  3. Open the bot in Telegram and follow the registration guide;
  4. Send API key and Secret key in succession to bot when he asks;
  5. Bot will display your current portfolio upon successful connection. Now you can use the bot.

How much bot is protected from hacking? 

​Users’ data is very important for us, that’s why their exchange accounts are reliably protected. Therefore, the most serious protection measures have been taken while developing the bot. In addition, user access APIs are stored in encrypted form. You have an opportunity to remove your data at any time you wish.

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