Command line for Binance

Send commands to buy and sell cryptocurrencies via messages to the Telegram-bot.

Commands and scenarios for manual trading:

Crypto portfolio reformation

For example, your portfolio had three coins in a certain proportion. You decided to change it by removing one coin, adding a few others and buying some of the one which already exists in your crypto portfolio.
  • Specify the coins list and their proportions you need in the total crypto portfolio volume, for example:
Btc 80%
Eth 15%
Tusd 5%
  • Bot will calculate which coins to sell, which ones to buy and in what quantities.
  • Bot will send the necessary orders to the exchange, which execution will give you a portfolio with the necessary assets and in the right proportions.

Withdraw all in one coin / Cash out

Just send command <coin> 100% to the bot if you need to withdraw the entire portfolio in one currency (for example, in fiat TUSD or USDC). The bot will generate orders for all assets sale in the portfolio and will buy the required asset for all funds.
It can be any coin traded on the exchange.

Buy one coin

It is enough to send the bot command + <coin> <desired%> in order to buy one coin at the exchange for BTC. The bot will send an order to buy your coin for BTC (by default). Specify the coin for sale through the slash if you need to buy one coin for another (if there is such a pair on the exchange and the required volume for sale), for example:
+ etc/eth 12.5%. Which means: "Buy ETC for ETH at a volume of 12.5% of the entire portfolio."

Sell one coin

If you decided to completely sell one coin for BTC, just send the bot command - <coin>. The bot will send an order to the stock exchange to sell the entire specified coin amount for BTC. You can sell part of the coin volume you need. For this, specify, for example:
- eth / usdt 4%. Which means: "Sell ETH for USDT at a volume of 4% of the entire portfolio." Of course, you must have ETH volume of 4% or more.

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